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Purple Hair Accessories

Make A Royal Entrance With These Exquisite Purple Hair Accessories

Purple is a lovely and elegant color that has always been associated with royalty. Whether you’re part of the bridal party, hitting the dance floor at a festival, or stepping out on a casual Saturday, you can still make a royal entrance wherever you go with these purple hair accessories. Browse our curated collection of purple hair accessories now!


Purple Hair Accessories For Weddings

A wedding event accented with the color purple is sure to make a lasting impact on your guests, your photoshoot, and your memory book. For an elegant and formal affair, browse our selection of purple crystal hair accessories. The Large Sienna Crystal Barrette or the Crystal Teardrop Barrette in amethyst would make the perfect addition to a pulled-back or side-swept hairstyle.

For an outdoor wedding that’s slightly more casual, the Silk Charmeuse Braided Headband in Pixie or the Silk Matka Padded Headband in Lavender will add that easy but striking finishing touch to a loose updo or free-flowing hairstyle. 

Other purple bridal hair accessories that may complement your style or theme are the Jana Lavender Pinch Clip for a ceremony on the beach or the Elysian Chignon Pin in Amethyst for a quick updo that suits a gown of any style.


Purple Hair Accessories For Any Event, Party, Or Look

From purple flower hair accessories, wraps, and clips to headbands, hair ties, and purple butterfly hair accessories, there’s a little purple something to bring out everyone’s inner royalty. 

With the gorgeous assortment of options for purple hair accessories available, France Luxe is you covered.

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