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What are hair barrettes and hair clips?

French barrettes and hair clips

Hair clips and barrettes are generally worn on the back of the head or to the side of the face to hold hair in place.

A barrette is a type of hair clip and can include many variations of clasp. Most of our barrette clasps are made of metal and featured in gold and silver tones, depending on the hair accessory. We also have a number of plastic clasps as well. Where the barrette is worn traditionally depends on the size of the clip. Small barrettes, such as tige boules, are typically worn on the side to hold small pieces of hair out of the face. Large barrettes are generally worn towards the back of the head to secure more hair, such as a french twist, bun or ponytail. 

Other popular types of hair clips include claw clips, pinch clips, banana clips, cascade clips, ponytail clips, and more! Shop our Hair Clips & Barrettes.