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France Luxe Customer Reviews
Based on 3839 reviews

"AWESOME PRODUCT"...she was super excited to use it. Thank you

Grab & Go Pony Tube - SALE

I have been sharing these with friends. 15 is way more than I can use!

Grab & Go Pony Tube - SALE
Denise K.

Fast shipping and a warm card from the employee! Great experience overall.


I love my new headband! I got the tortoiseshell color and it’s beautiful. It really is true, it does not hurt your head. I plan on ordering a few more.. Thank you!

Love these! Great quality!

I really really wanted to love this product. But the fragrance is so light you can barely smell it in the bottle. So theres no way you can smell anything after the wash cycle. Im so disappointed.

I have to keep with the Laundress and pass on this.

Lovely scent

Love this scent, I prefer it over the ginger one. Will be purchasing again, it smells so clean.

Wanted to love it!

Again, I love the style but it just isn’t strong enough to hold my hair securely. I think the teeth are too flat and thin so it doesn’t close properly. I’ll sadly have to rerun

Well made but smaller than I thought

It won’t hold my fine long hair, so better for a half updo. Otherwise the quality is very nice.

Odin Jaw
Jessica S.

I love the way this organic shape resembles gold flowing water. More like this interesting piece please!

Grab & Go Pony Tube - SALE
Rachel B.
Best price! Best quality!

With 4 girls in the house these are the BEST hair bands for our long thick hair. The sale price is incredible and worth it

Liquid Dish Soap

Smells amazing. Works great on dishes and glassware. Bottle looks nice on counter.


Product description says 100% silk, but there is a plastic interior. It broke the second time I wore it.

Very beautiful!

Bubble Jaw
Anne M.
Breaks easily

I was so excited about this bubble jaw that I bought two. It looked like a cool new design, good for my thick hair. Within the course of two months, both broke, starting with the teeth. The teeth started snapping off with normal wear; but don't even think about dropping them because the pincers on the jaw (what you squeeze to open) break off. This happened on both jaws. The problem is the design. The plastic is fragile and the bubbles themselves are too heavy for the plastic. These jaws are also made in China, not of the quality of the French-made items.

not a pair

I ordered two, expected matching pair

not a pair

I ordered two, expected matching pair.

not a pair

I ordered two, expected would be a matching pair, but did not match.

Hold really well. Tiny.


Excellent quality!, functional & attractive. The finest hair clips!

Banana Clip
Marcia W.
Great clip!

I couldn't be happier with both this banana clip & also the Zodiac clip. They both hold my hair all day.

Best banana clip ever!

My hair stays in this clip & it's so much nicer & better quality than any I've previously had. I'll order again

Best laundry soap!

The Mason France Luxe french daily use laundry soap cleans your clothes and leaves them smelling fresh. This variety of scents offer something for everyone and do not have the "laundry soap" smell that you might be used to. My clothes were clean and soft as well. Highly recommend!

Luxurious hand soap!

The Mason France Luxe french liquid hand soap is as luxurious as the name sounds! This soap does not leave residue and is easy to rinse away but leaves your hands feeling soft and smelling amazing. Best hand soap on the market. Highly recommend!

Best soap for your dishes!

The Mason France Luxe french liquid dish soap is amazing! This dish soap feels soft to your hands and effectively cleans dirty dishes from mild to heavy soiling. Highly recommend!