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France Luxe Customer Reviews
Based on 2856 reviews
Odin Jaw
A lot of personality

This is a gorgeous jaw and is so different and very modern and I love it

Florence Jaw
Peggy Ford
Beautiful and Classy

Love this very pretty and holds your hair in place

Bianca Tweed Jaw
Peggy Ford
Perfect for holding long hair in place

This is perfect for hold a french roll hairdo and looks so beautiful

Pony tail holders

I love these. Just the right size, all the colors you need and very flexible. And, also throw in that they are lovely. I get all kinds of compliments!

Tight at first, but can be adjusted

Would love to see this in other colors! Lightweight but with good width holds thick hair well. This was quite snug at first (a no-go) but after very gently opening it up a few times, it loosened enough to be comfy on the head, but still stay put.

It was said to have been delivered but was not received. I ordered two clips for my daughter and neither was received. I have ordered only from you. We loved your items but this has been huge disappointment. I cant track the order. Too small of an amount so two orders are lost. So my review is that of huge disappointment.

The Little Clasps are Back!

A relief to have these little darlings. They happily piggy back in my hair pulling all disorder into flattering order.I have missed these as all things do come to an end. Now again I am at the beginning with all sorts of self confidence on having fresh new little clasps!

It works

I love the classic look of this barrett and that it holds my hair really well.

Best Barrette Ever

This is such a fantastic stylish, well made barrette. I have worn it practically every day since I bought it!

Awesome Brush - Superior Design

I chose the pink brush but I'd really like to get all three colors. It measures almost 9 inches long and just about 3 inches at widest spot. The reviewer before me was spot on correct. This is the best brush ever. I had purchased quite a few other brushes over the past several years since my hair has changed. Their quality just didn't perform over time or the brush slowly broke my fine, thinning, fragile hair or other issues. I've had similar looking brushes to my new one, but the performance was inferior, the quality lacking. This pink brush performs so well, on wet or dry hair, detangles great with its firmness and flexibility and lightweight that just about anyone would find it a joy to use. It glides through my hair and zero breakage. That hasn't happened in a long time.

Pretty well made jaw clip!

The quality on this clip is great. It looks good and holds my hair perfectly. I love all my France Luxe clips! They last for years and don’t lose their holding power. These are my go to clips.

Love this one!

I do wish it held a bit more hair, but I just love these barrettes. I got some with the gold clasp style as well, and this clasp is by far my favorite. It doesn't slip or move throughout the day and it really looks stylish. I get compliments most days I wear them.

Beautiful headband

This headband is not only attractive, to really comfortable to wear. The color is neutral, which means you can wear it with anything and the braiding makes it special.

Mini Couture Jaw--Classic

Like all the France Luxe couture jaws I have, this mini does not disappoint. It's beautiful yet sturdy, & holds a surprising amount of hair securely all day. I use it mainly for catching--& holding-- the strands of hair that slip out of my bun.

Little Couture Jaw--Classic

Love this little couture jaw. It may be small, but it's mighty! Holds a surprising amount of hair securely--all day. It's ideal for catching those strands of hair that slip out from the back of a bun. Highly recommend.

Small Couture Jaw---Splash Garden Pink

This small couture jaw is just beautiful! A work of art for the hair. It's well made, and COMFORTABLY holds all my hair up in a bun for the entire day. Highly recommend.

Buzzy Tige Boule Barrette
Sally-Ann Hall
The jewel in my crown

This regal bee was the star of my mother-of-the-groom ensemble. As subtle as a bee herself, this queen played quietly amongst my curls, yet behaved like the queen that she is when she was noticed. A beautiful piece with a gorgeous old gold, bronze aura to her, studded with shiny nuggets.

Elara Crystal Hair Pin
Sally-Ann Hall
that tiny sparkle

If you are a person who likes a subtle little sparkle, this beauty is for you. A sweet spray like babies breath, it lingers amongst your curls and will draw comments from those discerning viewers.

Crystal Leaf Comb
Sally-Ann Hall
exquisite piece

This beautiful comb belongs in a swept up chignon to sparkle and enhance your entire ensemble. Heavy in weight, and expertly made.

Exotic Clip

I like the elegance of this ponytail clip. It bring out my gray streaks and gives a classy look to a subdued ponytail.

Lights the Night!

Love these leaves. So shiny and bright. I look forward to wearing the bobby pins on a night out. They will sparkle in the lights. Thanks for the bag to keep the stones from damage.

Elegant Statement

Very nice clip holds a great deal of hair. I didn't realize it was so large. Especially the pearl, but I can pull this one off! I think dressing up a casual look with this clip is a good look. Thank you for the storage bag to keep this clip pristine and unscratched.

Very pretty, very sturdy

These barrettes are very useful; this one is cheery and pretty, too.

Arya Headband
Beverley Schmidt
My “halo”

I forget I’m wearing the Arya headband, it’s so comfortable and keeps my hair in place all day. The quiet elegance suits every fashion and brings light to my aura and is my favorite hair accessory.

Worth it

Beautifully finished, much nicer than the mass market barrettes. Holds well in fine hair.