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Jaw Clip Sizing Guide

 Jaw clip sizing guide

Mini Jaws: ~½”-1¼”, ideal for holding small bits of hair around the face and accenting updos, often worn in multiples, great for accenting all hair types, well loved by women with fine hair. (9889 model image, LI6453 model image)

Small Jaws: ~1½” - 2½”, half-up dos, bun, twist, ideal for most hair types including fine or thick hair depending on the hair style.

Medium Jaws: ~2½” - 4”, bun, twist, ponytail, ideal for all hair types.

Large Jaws: ~4 - 5”, bun, twist, ponytail, for all hair types, best with thick hair. 

Jumbo Jaws: ~5”+, ideal hair clip for thick hair.