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Large Scrunchies

Create Bold and Beautiful Styles That Wow with France Luxe Large Hair Scrunchies 

Say goodbye to dull hair ties and hello to fabulous oversized scrunchies! Their voluminous size adds a level of drama that's hard to ignore, making them ideal for anyone who wants to stand out from the crowd. So go on and have some fun; a large scrunchie is the perfect accessory to add a touch of playful charm to any hairstyle.

Experience the Large Hair Scrunchie Trend 

Once considered an 80's fashion throwback, a large scrunchie has now become amust-have accessory for fashionistas worldwide. From celebs to sports stars, you'll find large scrunchies giving hairstyles (and wrists) a new modern twist. 

From silk to velvet, our handmade scrunchies come in various fabrics, prints, and patterns, making them an incredibly versatile accessory. Add a pop of color or texture to any outfit. Whatever your style, there's a large scrunchie to match. 

Add buttery soft texture to your style with our Large Scrunchie in Silk Charmeuse. Or our Lola Large Scrunchie adds a dazzling pop of color to the ordinary everyday.

For ultimate rock and roll style, this  large leather scrunchie is on trend and in demand. Style up your wardrobe essentials this season. 

Large Scrunchie Styles for Head-Turning Looks 

The best thing about large hair scrunchies is their versatility. Wrap a patterned scrunchie around a traditional ponytail, and it immediately becomes a statement. 

And with its gentle hold and damage-free design, a large hair scrunchie is an ideal alternative to traditional hair ties that cause breakage and discomfort. 

Unleash your style diva and get creative with buns, messy half-ups, and braids. Or dress up any outfit by wearing large hair scrunchies on your wrist. If you want to show off your fashion-forward side while keeping your hair looking fabulous, it's time to go big with the large scrunchie trend!

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  • L. Erickson USA

    Large Scrunchie - Silk Charmeuse

    Original price $48.00 - Original price $48.00
    Original price
    $48.00 - $48.00
    Current price $48.00

    Elevate your hairstyle with the L. Erickson USA Large Pony in Silk Charmeuse. This extra-large silk scrunchie exudes luxury and sophistication, off...

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  • L. Erickson

    Marin Scrunchie Pack

    Original price $36.00 - Original price $36.00
    Original price
    $36.00 - $36.00
    Current price $36.00

    The L. Erickson Marin Scrunchie Pack features beautiful, large satin scrunchies embellished with shimmering . The Marin Scrunchies are a quick and ...

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  • L. Erickson

    Calliope Scrunchie 2 Pack

    Original price $24.00
    Original price $24.00 - Original price $24.00
    Original price $24.00
    Current price $15.90
    $15.90 - $15.90
    Current price $15.90

    The L. Erickson Calliope Scrunchies are stylish ponytail holders featuring wide, thick woven fabric with a strong elastic core for a secure hold fo...

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