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Side Hair Combs

Luxurious Side Combs For Hair

Side combs have made a glorious comeback over the last few years thanks to Hollywood productions such as The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Hello Darling, and Downton Abbey. Here, you'll find a side comb to suit any hair texture or style.

The Many Types of Side Hair Combs

We've curated a luxurious collection of side combs made from a variety of high-quality materials. Our Ric Rac Slide Comb is a chic side accent piece that comes in three elegant color choices and is made of durable cellulose acetate. 

For a more formal look or a special occasion, the L. Erickson Pearl Comb is made of brushed metal and covered in a cluster of pearls. Also befitting your next big event is the L. Erickson Crystal Leaf Comb made of polished metal and crystals embedded in the nature-inspired design.

Oure no-damage and luxurious cellulose acetate side combs come in a variety of colors, designs, and patterns. From tortoise, Tokyo, and leopard, to ivory, clear, and black, there's something to match every aesthetic. 


Trending Side Comb Styles

The most iconic side comb style uses a  full-side comb back technique. Using the teeth of the comb, pull back on a large section of hair from one side and secure it by pushing the comb back towards the face so the curve of the comb hugs the head. 

The french twist is another popular style for the side comb. Simply pull all the hair from the back as if for a ponytail and twist until the ends are  hidden. Secure with the comb at the crown. 

A side hair comb also works as the perfect finishing touch on a loose bun or chignon. Secure the bun with pins and accessorize on the top or off the side with the side comb.


FAQ About Side Combs

1) What are side combs used for?

Side hair combs are used to pull back, secure, and embellish any hairstyle. Curly, straight, thick, and fine hair can all find styles they love with side combs.


2) How do you use side combs for fine hair?

When using a side comb for fine hair, start by teasing the hair to add volume and traction. Use a small side hair comb and spray generously.

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  • France Luxe

    Primo Large Comb

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    France Luxe Primo Large Comb is a chic accent piece. Made in France and polished to perfection, the large side comb is a versatile styling solution...

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