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France Luxe Body

French Perfumed Bar Soap

$18.00 USD

Figue Et Bois De Cedre
Gingembre Pamplemousse
Bergamote Et Limette
Mimosa Et Mandarine
Tubereuse Peche
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This collection of sophisticated French bar soaps is inspired by the transporting, evocative powers of French parfum. Each unique aroma profile is delightfully complex, yet delivers simple, genuine pleasure - a sensorial journey out of the ordinary and into the world of timeless beauty.

Made in France and charmingly packaged with hand-drawn florals, vivid colors, and gilded details, France Luxe® Body is the ultimate gift to yourself or someone else - the finest accessories for body, mind and soul.

Product Features:
- Made in France
- Glycerin & Shea Butter Base
- Cruelty Free
- Charming floral packaging
- Dimensions: 3 1/4" x 3 1/4" x 1 1/2" tall

Perfumed Bar Soap Fragrance Profiles:

Figue et Bois de Cèdre This fruity, sunny scent evokes the memory of blissful summer afternoons on the French Riviera. A luxuriously well-rounded blend of fig, orris and cedarwood with subtle green notes.

Mimosa et Mandarine A warm, sweet scent that teases the senses with unusual complexity. Comforting notes of mimosa, vanilla and almond mingle with spicy, invigorating hints of bergamot and black pepper.

Tubéreuse Pêche A vibrant, sun-kissed scent that combines the earthy delicacy of tuberose with the fragrant aroma of a perfect summer peach. Rich complexity comes from sensual back-ground notes of musk and sandalwood.

Gingembre Pamplemousse An invigorating aroma that blends the ripe citrus energy of grapefruit with the spicy, comforting warmth of ginger. Perfectly balanced by a sophisticated, subtle floral bouquet.

Bergamote et Limette A fresh, vibrant, citrus-forward scent bursting with lively bergamot and aromatic lime. Grounded by deep, rich wood and musk notes for exceptional depth and sensorial enjoyment

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