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Tige Boule & Mini Barrettes

Tige Boule is a French term for the “ball and stem” clasp on a barrette. The delicate construction makes them perfect for holding thin hair and styling fine and wispy hair.

These hair barrettes for thin hair are designed to connect and remain in place without requiring the bulk or tension of thicker hair. It can be challenging to style thin hair without barrettes for fine hair to ensure your look will last through your event or day.

At France Luxe, we’ve curated a collection of small barrettes for adults that are suitable for mature styles and attire. Here for all hair types, we designed our small hair barrettes for fine hair to be best in class.

Style Tips With Small Barrettes For Thin Hair

From minimalist metal mini barrettes to vibrant acetate mini barrette clips, you’ll find there are hundreds of accessories for styling thin or fine hair. For a quick everyday look, clip a small section off behind the ear or pin down wispy thin flyaways in an updo with tiny barrettes or pins.

Peek-a-boo small hair barrettes hide the tige boule clasp behind the hair instead of a more embellished clip. Clip a few into the side of your style, or pull it all back in a low pony. Select from our extensive line of small jaws and claws to add volume with ease.

Love your locks again with the right barrettes for thin hair!

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