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L. Erickson

Grab & Go Pony Bowl

$175.00 USD

Glitz & Glam
Sweater Weather
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L. Erickson Grab & Go Ponytail Holders are a must-have basic accessory. Constructed of thick elastic accented with an ornamental oval bead, these ponytail holders are non-damaging. These hair ties are perfect for a simple ponytail and offer exceptional hold. Keep a few in your purse, desk, and car for a quick and comfortable on-the-go styling solution.

This bowl of ponies makes an excellent gift for yourself or someone else. It is perfect for your desk at work or somewhere around your home so you can quickly grab a pony when you need one.

Product Features:
- Imported by L. Erickson
- Includes glass bowl and 120 hair ties
- Each pony features ornamental oval bead
- Sturdy elastic is great for all hair types
- Dimensions: 2" diameter hair ties

Glitz & Glam includes:
- City Lights
- White Chocolate
- Grey Metallic

Wonderland includes:
- Denim
- Jenny
- Flirt

Sweater Weather includes:
- Neutral
- Classic
- Night Owl

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