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Hair Barrettes


Hair Barrettes

Hair Barrettes have been a popular hair accessory for years, never falling out of style. These hair barrettes are the perfect finishing touch to ponytails and can add extra style and grace to your hair when compared to a plain hair tie. Hair barrettes can be used for a variety of hairstyles including pinned back to the side, a low bun or a half up ponytail style.

At France Luxe, our collection of barrettes cover a range of styles and designs that will suit all styles and hair types. We offer styles including mini barrettes, volume barrettes, ponytail barrettes, bridal barrettes and bow barrette hair clips. With an extensive range of colors, patterns and shapes available, like long skinny barrettes and french barrettes, our hair barrettes will support thin, thick and even curly hair throughout the day.

Barrette hair clips are a popular and easy to use hair accessory that will keep your hair pulled back and neat throughout the day. No matter what type of fashion or style you gravitate towards, or whether you have thick hair or thin hair, France Luxe has a barrette that's the right match for you.


 1. What is the difference between a barrette and a hair clip?

A Hairclip and a barrette are pretty similar in that their primary function is to hold your hair in place. While they can both be used synonymously, their design is slightly different. A hair clip will hold back your hair, quickly snapping the hair in place. A hair barrette has a bigger clasp or clip that will gather your hair in one area to hold it in place. Depending on the hair type, wearing a barrette hair clip may be more comfortable as your hair is gathered into place, not clipped down against your head. For short hair styles, a hair clip or “tige boule” is the perfect solution.

2. How do you wear a hair barrette?

Hair barrettes can be worn to gather the hair or simply to add to a hair design. To style your hair with a barrette, gather your hair together at the nape of your neck. Once you’ve done that, you can slip the bottom part of the barrette hair clip under the ponytail until the clasp is on the other side. Once in place, you clamp the top of the clip down over your ponytail and push it to close. You can also add a barrette to any updo for additional style.